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Last Updated: 2024-07-17 05:19:07 CDT

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VPN Services are available to access from Estonia, and FlowVPN has infrastructure in this region giving you fast, unlimited access to the Internet. Our VPN servers are in a data centre close to Talin providing secure global Internet to customers in Tallinn.

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Estonia VPN Services

Flow VPN provides VPN services from our host near Talin, Estonia. The servers near Talin is part of our high speed global network spanning 100+ locations in more than 60 countries. We provide unlimited Estonia VPN services with a free trial, protecting your data allowing you to access the Internet privately and securely. We do not artificially cap your bandwidth.

We have multiple servers in Estonia providing a fast and reliable connection.

Our VPN Servers close to Talin (Estonia) support standard VPN protocols including WireGuard, PPTP, L2TP, IPSec, IKEv2, OpenVPN and SSH VPN. We have clients available for iPhone, macOS, Windows and Android – download the FlowVPN app from your App Store or sign-up now.

How fast are Internet connections in Estonia?

Internet connections in Estonia are considered to be among the fastest in the world. The country’s digital infrastructure is highly advanced, allowing for impressive internet speeds.

  • Average speed: The average internet speed in Estonia is generally around 70-80 Mbps for both download and upload.
  • Urban areas: In cities like Tallinn and Tartu, internet speeds can exceed 100 Mbps, especially with fiber-optic connections.
  • Rural areas: Even in more remote or rural areas, internet connectivity remains robust, typically offering speeds above 30 Mbps.
  • Public Wi-Fi: Estonia is known for extensive free public Wi-Fi networks, which provide reasonably fast internet access even in public spaces.

Is the Internet censored in Estonia?

No, the Internet is not censored in Estonia. Estonia is known for its advanced digital infrastructure and commitment to internet freedom. However, like many countries, it has regulations in place to prevent illegal activities online.

  • Internet Freedom: Estonia is often ranked highly in terms of internet freedom by various organizations.
  • Digital Society: Estonia has a robust digital society, with e-government services that are widely used by its citizens.
  • Regulations: While there are regulations to counter illegal content and activities, this is not considered internet censorship.

Is pornography restricted in Estonia?

Yes, pornography is restricted in Estonia. Here are some key points regarding its regulation:

  • Accessible Age: Viewing and purchasing pornographic material is restricted to individuals who are 18 years or older.
  • Distribution: The distribution of pornographic material is regulated, and businesses must comply with specific licensing requirements.
  • Child Pornography: The production, distribution, and possession of child pornography are strictly prohibited and penalized under Estonian law.
  • Internet Regulations: Online content is subject to monitoring, and websites hosting illegal pornography can be blocked.

What is the current internet penetration rate in the Estonia?

According to the latest data available as of 2023:

  • Internet Penetration Rate: Over 90%

Estonia is known for its advanced digital infrastructure and high level of internet usage among its population.

How concerned are people in Estonia about data privacy?

Data privacy is a significant concern for many people in Estonia. The country is known for its advanced digital infrastructure and extensive online services, but with this comes a heightened awareness and concern for data privacy. Here are some key points:

  • Advanced E-Government Services: Estonia is a leader in e-governance, offering a wide range of online services. This leads to increased vigilance regarding how personal data is handled and protected.
  • Public Awareness: There is a high level of public awareness about data privacy issues, partly due to frequent discussions in media and government initiatives aimed at educating citizens.
  • Regulatory Framework: Estonia has implemented strict data protection regulations in line with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which underscores the importance placed on data privacy.
  • Security Incidents: Past cybersecurity incidents have heightened concern and have led to more robust security measures.
  • Trust in Digital Services: While there is high trust in digital services, it is balanced with a cautious approach from citizens to ensure their data is not misused.

Overall, while embracing technological advancements, Estonians remain highly concerned and vigilant about their data privacy.

What are the cybersecurity challenges faced by internet users in Estonia?

Internet users in Estonia face a variety of cybersecurity challenges. Some of the primary issues include:

  • Phishing Attacks: Malicious attempts to acquire sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details by masquerading as trustworthy entities.
  • Ransomware: A type of malware that encrypts a user’s data and demands payment for its release.
  • Data Breaches: Unauthorized access and theft of personal and financial data from servers and databases.
  • IoT Vulnerabilities: Many Internet of Things devices have weak security measures, making them targets for cyberattacks.
  • Social Engineering: Tactics used to manipulate individuals into divulging confidential information or performing actions that compromise security.
  • Software Exploits: Vulnerabilities in software applications that cybercriminals exploit to gain unauthorized access.
  • Denial of Service (DoS) Attacks: Attacks aimed at overwhelming systems to make them unavailable to users.
  • Insider Threats: Risks posed by individuals within the organization who have access to sensitive data.

To mitigate these challenges, Estonian internet users and organizations are encouraged to adopt robust cybersecurity practices, including:

  • Regular Software Updates: Ensuring all software is kept up-to-date to patch vulnerabilities.
  • Strong Password Practices: Using complex passwords and multi-factor authentication for accounts.
  • Security Awareness Training: Educating users about common threats and how to recognize them.
  • Data Encryption: Encrypting sensitive data to protect it from unauthorized access.
  • Incident Response Plans: Developing and regularly updating plans to respond to cybersecurity incidents.

By staying vigilant and following best practices, users can significantly reduce their risk of falling victim to cyber threats.

What are the most visited websites in Estonia?

The most visited websites in Estonia often include a mix of global giants as well as local favorites. Here is a list of some of the most popular websites:

  • Google – The go-to search engine for information.
  • Facebook – The leading social media platform.
  • YouTube – The primary site for watching videos.
  • Postimees – One of Estonia’s most popular news portals.
  • Delfi – Another leading news and media website.
  • – The largest online marketplace in Estonia.
  • Outlook (Hotmail) – Popular email service.
  • ERR (Eesti Rahvusringhääling) – The Estonian Public Broadcasting network.
  • Õhtuleht – A well-read news site.
  • Amazon – Popular for online shopping needs.

These sites see consistent traffic due to their wide range of services, from news and social networking to shopping and general information.

What are the most popular social media platforms in the Estonia?

As of my last update, some of the most popular social media platforms in Estonia are:

  • Facebook: Widely used for personal connections, sharing news, and participating in community groups.
  • Instagram: Popular, especially among younger generations, for sharing photos and stories.
  • WhatsApp: Frequently used for messaging and voice/video calls.
  • LinkedIn: Commonly used for professional networking and job searching.
  • YouTube: Highly popular for consuming video content, including tutorials, entertainment, and news.
  • Twitter: Used for sharing updates, news, and engaging in discussions.
  • TikTok: Gaining popularity among younger users for short-form video content.

Note that social media trends can change rapidly, and the popularity of platforms may vary depending on various factors.

Estonia VPN Server Status

The Estonia VPN Server operated by FlowVPN was last automatically tested at: 2024-07-17 05:19:07 CDT
This test checks the server uptime and availability, as well as verifying all services are operating as expected.

Our servers are constantly monitored to ensure there are no issues. We use internal monitoring tools as well as multiple third party providers to ensure all services are regularly checked and benchmarked so we can identify any potential issues.

VPN Latency – Ping Speed Test

We perform ping tests from our VPN server in Estonia to servers around the world. We have multiple servers in almost all locations but the results published below are the most recent test results. We may have faster optimised routes from your location based upon your IP route when connecting.

Estonia VPN Ping to Destination Server Latency (ms)
Argentina 250.601
Armenia 62.910
Australia 1 292.911
Australia 2 284.732
Austria 46.339
Azerbaijan 101.496
Bahrain 121.217
Bangladesh 217.268
Belgium 27.832
Bolivia 228.054
Bosnia 48.026
Brazil 247.807
Canada (Central) 114.117
Canada (East) 111.044
Canada (West) 147.176
Chile 235.981
Costa Rica 195.001
Croatia 55.662
Czech Republic 2 35.235
Denmark 23.257
Ecuador 187.999
France 33.555
Germany 1 27.086
Germany 3 37.813
Guatemala 154.890
Hong Kong 1 318.015
Hong Kong 6 231.178
Hong Kong 7 167.428
Hungary 43.533
Iceland 60.014
Indonesia 202.573
Ireland 44.135
Italy 1 43.105
Italy 2 75.717
Kazakhstan 79.660
Latvia 10.099
Lithuania 10.624
Luxembourg 27.391
Macedonia 66.601
Malaysia 1 201.014
Mexico 172.152
Mid East (UK) 120.609
Mid East (USA) 116.280
Moldova 69.480
Netherlands 28.791
New Zealand 300.188
Nicaragua 171.795
Norway 29.486
Panama 160.446
Peru 211.576
Philippines 324.389
Poland 54.329
Portugal 63.474
Puerto Rico 164.515
Romania 45.428
Serbia 44.217
Singapore 1 340.985
Slovakia 42.512
South Africa 190.599
South Korea 2 319.932
Spain 54.100
Sweden 1 17.138
Sweden XIP 16.788
Switzerland 30.530
Taiwan 3 228.711
Taiwan 4 227.991
Taiwan 5 255.877
UK 1 36.634
Ukraine 39.046
United States Central 144.092
United States Hawaii 213.631
United States LA 3 166.793
United States LA 163.312
United States NE 105.064
United States West 179.623
USA via Singapore 344.337
USA via Taiwan 225.599

Estonia Facts

Estonia Top Level Domain: .ee
Currency: Euro