New Zealand VPN Services

Flow VPN provides VPN services from our host in Aukland, New Zealand. The server in Aukland is part of our high speed global network spanning 88 locations in more than 50 countries. We provide unlimited New Zealand VPN services with a free trial, protecting your data allowing you to access the Internet privately and securely. We do not artificially cap your bandwidth.

We have multiple servers in New Zealand providing a fast and reliable connection.

Our VPN Servers in Aukland (New Zealand) support standard VPN protocols including PPTP, L2TP, IPSec, IKEv2, OpenVPN and SSH VPN. We have clients available for iPhone, macOS, Windows and Android – download the FlowVPN app from your App Store or sign-up now.

New Zealand VPN Server Status

2018-12-13 01:10:08 CST – Server reported New Zealand VPN operational 1 seconds ago

Our servers are constantly monitored to ensure there are no issues. We use internal monitoring tools as well as multiple third party providers to ensure all services are regularly checked and benchmarked so we can identify any potential issues.

VPN Latency – Ping Speed Test

We perform ping tests from our VPN server in New Zealand to servers around the world. We have multiple servers in almost all locations but the results published below are the most recent test results. We may have faster optimised routes from your location based upon your IP route when connecting.

New Zealand Ping Destination Server Latency (ms)
Argentina 324.634
Australia 25.695
Austria 348.469
Belgium 316.228
Brazil 401.835
Bulgaria 340.398
Cambodia 325.269
Canada (East) 225.717
Canada (West) 209.629
Chile 339.634
Colombia 270.324
Costa Rica 277.408
Croatia 320.487
Cyprus 352.985
Czech Republic 329.308
Denmark 323.663
Estonia 332.644
Finland 336.218
France 296.802
Germany 306.150
Greece 354.457
Hong Kong DC1 249.201
Hong Kong DC3 325.664
Hungary 326.410
Iceland 332.989
Indonesia 300.250
Ireland 305.953
Italy 323.493
Japan DC 2 268.519
Kazakhstan 416.145
Lithuania 344.756
Luxembourg 305.678
Moldova 352.457
Netherlands 309.494
Norway 337.042
Panama 263.543
Philippines 263.443
Poland 322.419
Portugal 328.977
Romania 342.096
Singapore DC1 285.354
Singapore DC2 350.343
Slovakia 326.026
Slovenia 333.407
South Africa 477.644
Spain 328.856
Sweden 319.464
Switzerland 318.897
UK DC1 296.267
UK DC2 300.951
Ukraine 363.817
UK via South Africa 479.266
United States (Central) 189.147
United States (Hollywood 2) 158.435
United States (North East) 246.016
United States (South East) 205.451
United States (West) 158.398