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Indonesia VPN Services

Flow VPN provides VPN services from our host near Jakarta, Indonesia. The servers near Jakarta is part of our high speed global network spanning 100+ locations in more than 60 countries. We provide unlimited Indonesia VPN services with a free trial, protecting your data allowing you to access the Internet privately and securely. We do not artificially cap your bandwidth.

We have multiple servers in Indonesia providing a fast and reliable connection.

Our VPN Servers close to Jakarta (Indonesia) support standard VPN protocols including WireGuard, PPTP, L2TP, IPSec, IKEv2, OpenVPN and SSH VPN. We have clients available for iPhone, macOS, Windows and Android – download the FlowVPN app from your App Store or sign-up now.

How fast are Internet connections in Indonesia?

The speed of Internet connections in Indonesia can vary widely depending on the location and type of service. Generally speaking:

  • Urban Areas: Major cities like Jakarta, Surabaya, and Bandung often have higher Internet speeds. Fiber optic connections in these areas can provide speeds up to 100 Mbps or more.
  • Rural Areas: In more remote or rural areas, Internet speeds are often slower. Users in these regions may experience speeds between 1 Mbps to 10 Mbps using ADSL or mobile broadband.
  • Mobile Internet: Mobile Internet speeds can also vary. 4G LTE services are widely available in many regions, providing average speeds between 10 Mbps to 30 Mbps. However, 5G services are still in the early stages of deployment and might provide significantly higher speeds in some limited areas.

Overall, while there are high-speed options available, many users in Indonesia may still face slower connections compared to more developed countries.

Is the Internet censored in Indonesia?

Yes, the Internet is censored in Indonesia. The Indonesian government has implemented various measures to control and regulate online content. These measures include:

  • Blocking websites: The government actively blocks access to websites that are considered to contain harmful or inappropriate content, such as those involving pornography, gambling, and terrorism.
  • Content monitoring: Authorities can monitor online activity and take action against content they consider to be a threat to public order or national security.
  • Social media restrictions: Social media platforms are required to comply with Indonesian regulations, and the government has the authority to request the removal of certain posts or accounts.
  • Law enforcement: There are laws in place that allow for legal action against individuals or organizations that publish or share prohibited content online.

These measures are part of the government’s broader efforts to control information and maintain social order, but they have also raised concerns about freedom of expression and privacy among users and human rights organizations.

Is pornography restricted in Indonesia?

Yes, pornography is restricted in Indonesia. The government has implemented various measures to control the distribution and access to pornographic content. These restrictions include:

  • Blocking pornographic websites
  • Legal penalties for creating, distributing, or possessing pornographic material
  • Monitoring internet activities to prevent access to such content

These efforts are part of the broader attempt to uphold moral and religious values within the country.

What is the current internet penetration rate in the Indonesia?

According to recent data, the internet penetration rate in Indonesia is approximately 74.93% as of January 2023.

  • This represents a significant increase over the past few years.
  • The number of internet users in Indonesia continues to grow rapidly.

Sources such as government reports and industry analyses can provide the most up-to-date figures.

How concerned are people in Indonesia about data privacy?

In Indonesia, concerns about data privacy have been growing considerably. Various factors contribute to this increasing awareness:

  • Government Regulation: The Indonesian government has been taking steps to enhance data privacy laws, such as the enactment of the Personal Data Protection (PDP) Law which aims to protect personal data and regulate its use.
  • Cybersecurity Incidents: High-profile data breaches and cyber attacks have heightened public awareness and concern regarding data privacy.
  • Public Awareness Campaigns: NGOs and other organizations are actively working to educate citizens about the importance of data protection and their rights under new regulations.
  • Media Coverage: Extensive media coverage of data privacy issues has also contributed to an increased public interest in how personal data is handled.

Overall, the concern for data privacy in Indonesia is rising as people become more aware of the potential risks and the importance of safeguarding their personal information.

What are the cybersecurity challenges faced by internet users in Indonesia?

Internet users in Indonesia face several cybersecurity challenges, including:

  • Phishing Attacks: Malicious attempts to obtain sensitive information by disguising as trustworthy entities.
  • Ransomware: Malicious software that locks or encrypts a user’s data until a ransom is paid.
  • Weak Passwords: Many users employ easily guessable passwords, increasing susceptibility to attacks.
  • Social Engineering: Methods used by attackers to manipulate individuals into revealing confidential information.
  • Insufficient Awareness: Lack of general knowledge about cybersecurity best practices among the populace.
  • Mobile Device Vulnerability: Growing reliance on smartphones without adequate security measures.
  • Unsecured Public Wi-Fi: Personal information at risk when using unprotected public networks.
  • Data Privacy Issues: Insufficient protection of personal data by some companies and services.
  • Legislative Gaps: Inadequate laws and regulations to address evolving cyber threats effectively.

What are the most visited websites in Indonesia?

As of the most recent data, the most visited websites in Indonesia typically include a combination of global tech giants and popular local sites. Here are some of the most frequently visited ones:

  • Google ( and
  • YouTube (
  • Facebook (
  • Instagram (
  • WhatsApp (web version at
  • Detik (, a popular local news portal)
  • Tokopedia (, a major e-commerce platform)
  • Wikipedia (
  • Tribun News (, another popular local news site)
  • Liputan6 (, yet another key player in Indonesian online news)

Note that the specific ranking can vary based on the timeframe and the data source.

What are the most popular social media platforms in the Indonesia?

As of recent years, the most popular social media platforms in Indonesia are:

  1. WhatsApp – Widely used for communication and sharing multimedia.
  2. Instagram – Popular for photo and short video sharing, especially among younger audiences.
  3. Facebook – Continues to be a popular platform for various forms of social interaction.
  4. Twitter – Frequently used for news, trends, and public discussions.
  5. TikTok – Rapidly growing, especially among the youth for short, creative videos.
  6. Line – Another messaging app that remains popular for its stickers and games.
  7. YouTube – Widely used for video content, from entertainment to educational material.

These platforms vary in their features and user demographics but are integral parts of social media usage in Indonesia.

Our servers are constantly monitored to ensure there are no issues. We use internal monitoring tools as well as multiple third party providers to ensure all services are regularly checked and benchmarked so we can identify any potential issues.

VPN Latency – Ping Speed Test

We perform ping tests from our VPN server in Indonesia to servers around the world. We have multiple servers in almost all locations but the results published below are the most recent test results. We may have faster optimised routes from your location based upon your IP route when connecting.

Indonesia VPN Ping to Destination ServerLatency (ms)
Canada (East)264.131
Canada (West)195.589
Costa Rica304.482
Czech Republic354.418
Hong Kong DC149.153
Hong Kong DC253.645
Hong Kong DC357.652
Hong Kong DC445.698
Isle Of Man187.482
Japan DC 279.874
Japan DC 387.712
New Zealand235.106
Singapore DC117.831
Singapore DC216.765
South Africa393.946
South Korea DC1110.397
South Korea DC2104.879
South Korea DC3112.588
UK via Australia99.605
UK via Hong Kong44.234
UK via Mexico190.617
UK via Portugal230.103
UK via South Africa393.907
UK via Spain355.476
UK via Thailand42.984
UK via USA236.218
United States (Central)210.094
United States (North East)254.494
United States (South East)237.173
United States (South West)208.441
United States (West)181.365
USA via Australia187.697
USA via Costa Rica329.928
USA via Hong Kong44.415
USA via Mexico182.296
USA via Singapore45.915
USA via Spain205.928
USA via Thailand45.931

Indonesia Facts

Indonesia Top Level Domain: .id
Currency: Rupiah