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Last Updated: 2024-07-17 23:22:58 CDT

Flow VPN provides VPN servers in Macedonia, with servers hosted in a data centre near Skopje.

Macedonia Internet Services

The Republic of North Macedonia is a southeastern European country known for its rich history and cultural heritage. Regarding Internet services, the country has developed a robust digital infrastructure. Major ISPs offer broadband and fiber-optic connections with competitive speeds. The government continues to invest in expanding access to rural areas, aiming to bridge the digital divide and provide comprehensive connectivity to all its citizens.

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Macedonia VPN Services

Flow VPN provides VPN services from our host near Skopje, Macedonia. The servers near Skopje is part of our high speed global network spanning 100+ locations in more than 60 countries. We provide unlimited Macedonia VPN services with a free trial, protecting your data allowing you to access the Internet privately and securely. We do not artificially cap your bandwidth.

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Our VPN Servers close to Skopje (Macedonia) support standard VPN protocols including WireGuard, PPTP, L2TP, IPSec, IKEv2, OpenVPN and SSH VPN. We have clients available for iPhone, macOS, Windows and Android – download the FlowVPN app from your App Store or sign-up now.

How fast are Internet connections in Macedonia?

Internet speeds can vary based on several factors including location, service provider, and the type of connection. In general, Macedonia has made significant improvements in its internet infrastructure over recent years. Here are some points to consider:

  • Broadband: Average speeds for fixed broadband connections are decent and have been increasing. As of 2023, the average download speed is around 50-100 Mbps in urban areas.
  • Mobile Internet: 4G LTE is widely available, with average speeds ranging from 20 to 50 Mbps. The introduction of 5G is anticipated to further boost speeds.
  • Rural Areas: Internet speeds in rural areas may be slower due to less infrastructure. However, efforts are being made to improve connectivity in these regions.

Overall, Internet speeds in Macedonia are competitive with many developed countries, though they may not reach the high averages seen in the fastest global internet markets.

Is the Internet censored in Macedonia?

As of my last knowledge update in October 2023, the Internet in Macedonia (officially North Macedonia) is generally not subject to extensive censorship. However, it’s important to note a few key points:

  • Some Content Filtering: There might be occasional filtering or blocking of specific websites, particularly those related to illegal activities.
  • Freedom of Speech: While there is a degree of freedom of speech in North Macedonia, there have been concerns about self-censorship and political pressure on media outlets and journalists.
  • Surveillance: Like in many other countries, there are concerns about government surveillance and monitoring of online activities.

For the most current and detailed information, it is advisable to check reports from organizations such as Freedom House or Reporters Without Borders, which regularly assess the state of Internet freedom globally.

Is pornography restricted in Macedonia?

Yes, pornography is restricted in Macedonia. The distribution and production of pornography, particularly involving minors, is illegal and subjected to severe penalties.

  • Production of pornography involving minors is strictly prohibited.
  • Distribution of pornography, even among adults, can be subject to legal restrictions.
  • Possession of such material may also carry legal consequences.

Overall, the legal framework in Macedonia aims to restrict and control the production, distribution, and possession of pornographic material.

What is the current internet penetration rate in the Macedonia?

According to the latest data from 2023, the internet penetration rate in Macedonia is approximately 82.3%.

  • Country: Macedonia
  • Year: 2023
  • Internet Penetration: 82.3%

How concerned are people in Macedonia about data privacy?

Concerns about data privacy in Macedonia, as in many parts of the world, have been increasing. Several factors contribute to this growing concern:

  • Increasing Digitalization: As more services move online, people in Macedonia are becoming more aware of data privacy issues.
  • Regulations: The country has been aligning its data protection regulations with the EU’s GDPR, raising awareness about data privacy rights.
  • Cybersecurity Threats: Reports of cyber-attacks and data breaches have heightened public concerns.
  • Awareness Campaigns: Various initiatives by the government and private organizations to educate citizens about data privacy are making an impact.
  • Overall, people in Macedonia are becoming increasingly vigilant about their data privacy but may still be catching up in terms of comprehensive awareness and protective measures compared to some other European countries.

    What are the cybersecurity challenges faced by internet users in Macedonia?

    Internet users in Macedonia face several cybersecurity challenges, including:

    • Phishing Attacks: Misleading emails and websites designed to steal personal information.
    • Malware: Viruses, worms, ransomware, and spyware that can infect devices and networks.
    • Data Privacy Issues: Breaches that can lead to unauthorized access and misuse of personal data.
    • Weak Passwords: Easy-to-guess passwords that make accounts vulnerable to hacking attempts.
    • Unsecured Wi-Fi: Use of public Wi-Fi networks that can be intercepted by cybercriminals.
    • DDoS Attacks: Malicious attempts to disrupt the normal traffic of a targeted server, service, or network.
    • Insufficient Awareness: Lack of knowledge about cybersecurity best practices among users.
    • Outdated Software: Software and systems not kept up-to-date with the latest security patches.
    • Social Engineering: Manipulative tactics used to trick people into divulging confidential information.
    • Identity Theft: Unauthorized use of personal information to commit fraud or other crimes.

    What are the most visited websites in Macedonia?

    According to various sources and web traffic analysis platforms, the most visited websites in Macedonia typically include:

    1. GoogleThe go-to search engine for information, maps, news, and more.
    2. FacebookA popular social media platform for connecting with friends and family.
    3. YouTubeA leading video-sharing platform where users watch and upload videos.
    4. InstagramA social media platform focused on photo and video sharing.
    5. WikipediaA comprehensive and collaborative online encyclopedia.
    6. YahooA web services provider offering news, email, and search capabilities.
    7. AmazonAn e-commerce platform for purchasing a wide range of products online.
    8. TwitterA social media platform for real-time news and short-form content sharing.
    9. NetflixA subscription-based streaming service for movies and TV shows.
    10. LinkedInA professional networking platform for career and business connections.

    What are the most popular social media platforms in the Macedonia?

    In Macedonia, some of the most popular social media platforms are:

    • Facebook – Widely used for personal networking, business promotion, and community engagement.
    • Instagram – Popular for sharing photos and videos, especially among younger demographics.
    • YouTube – Used extensively for video content, including vlogs, music, and tutorials.
    • WhatsApp – Common for messaging and group communication.
    • Twitter – Utilized for news, updates, and brief commentary.
    • LinkedIn – Important for professional networking and business-related connections.
    • TikTok – Gaining popularity among younger users for short-form video content.

    Macedonia VPN Server Status

    The Macedonia VPN Server operated by FlowVPN was last automatically tested at: 2024-07-17 23:22:58 CDT
    This test checks the server uptime and availability, as well as verifying all services are operating as expected.

    Our servers are constantly monitored to ensure there are no issues. We use internal monitoring tools as well as multiple third party providers to ensure all services are regularly checked and benchmarked so we can identify any potential issues.

    VPN Latency – Ping Speed Test

    We perform ping tests from our VPN server in Macedonia to servers around the world. We have multiple servers in almost all locations but the results published below are the most recent test results. We may have faster optimised routes from your location based upon your IP route when connecting.

    Macedonia VPN Ping to Destination ServerLatency (ms)
    Australia 1293.221
    Australia 2274.566
    Canada (Central)123.291
    Canada (East)125.705
    Canada (West)162.248
    Costa Rica188.736
    Czech Republic 236.902
    Germany 137.741
    Germany 334.696
    Hong Kong 1229.968
    Hong Kong 6226.959
    Hong Kong 7226.077
    Italy 144.373
    Italy 244.603
    Malaysia 1198.204
    Mid East (UK)116.255
    Mid East (USA)114.782
    New Zealand307.719
    Puerto Rico155.660
    Singapore 1297.134
    South Africa213.693
    Sweden 159.796
    Sweden XIP58.394
    Taiwan 3248.711
    Taiwan 4305.856
    Taiwan 5258.324
    UK 153.823
    United States Central157.969
    United States Hawaii225.790
    United States LA 3176.755
    United States LA195.249
    United States NE106.428
    United States West115.674
    USA via Singapore283.651
    USA via Taiwan246.915

    Macedonia Facts

    Macedonia Top Level Domain: .mk
    Currency: Denar