How to choose a VPN server location

We offer VPN servers in 40 countries, plus special ‘via’ routes to the UK and US.

To decide which locations and routes are best for you, consider your objectives:

I want faster download speeds

1438642616_icon_mission-am1Internet bandwidth costs money, and international bandwidth is particularly expensive.

In the USA and Western Europe internet connections tend to be relatively fast and stable. Local service providers charge enough to be able to afford fast international bandwidth, so it’s unlikely that using a VPN will speed up your internet connection.

In other parts of the world with less well-developed communications networks and services, local service providers often use the cheapest international bandwidth possible, sometimes resulting in traffic taking long routes across the world.

If this is the case where you are you could find that using Flow VPN enables you to access much faster international bandwidth by routing your traffic through a high-tech datacentre. Try using a VPN server that’s located relatively near to you so that your traffic travels the longest part of its journey over fast routes, then just a short hop across slower bandwidth to you.

I want my traffic to be even more secure

Tor-buttonIf security and anonymity is more important to you than performance you should consider routing your traffic through the Tor network.

To use the Tor network, simply choose Tor on the server location page of your client area before you configure your connection.

To find our more about Tor, click here